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How to make a great video.

To make a great video the first thing you need is the idea. Seems simple, right? That is sometimes the hardest thing to come up with, and the thing I procrastinate the most with. Although once you have your idea run with it.

Don't get caught up with your gear. A good story will come through, no matter what type of camera you have. Stop making excuses and start shooting. If your story is good and connects with the viewers they will forgive your camera quality. The message is the key.

Create an outline for your video. Write yourself a script of what you want to say and rehearse it until you are comfortable. If you want it to be "from the heart" and "natural," write down some bullet points of the topics you want to cover then practice, practice, practice. Give some thought before you turn the camera on, and only hit the record button when you are READY.

Pacing is important. If you are too slow viewers will get bored. If you are too fast, viewers will miss your message. Find your rhythm. A good video is like a good song. There is pace and rhythm and your audience will follow the emotion and the message if you deliver it correctly. You are the conductor and can get your audience to follow your story and message.

Vary your camera shots. In this day and age people have a short attention span. So if you can find some interesting backgrounds to deliver your message in front of. Even better if your background drives home your point. Make sure where you are is not distracting to what you are saying. Example, don't stand in front of a plain white wall if you are talking about great cinematography. Compose your shot with an interesting angle or maybe a beautiful landscape. What you are shooting should enhance your message, not distract from it.

Get a decent microphone. Sound is 50% of your video, but if audio is bad 100% of people will stop watching FAST. If your audience cannot hear you they will not watch. Well, maybe your Mom will watch but that's it. If you are just starting out and cannot afford a microphone, make sure your location is quiet and away from loud sounds, traffic or talking people. And turn off any fans or AC units that are generating white noise.

Shoot, shoot, shoot! Practice makes perfect and cures your butterflies. The more you make videos the more confidence you will gain. With your growing confidence those voices of self doubt will quiet down and you will make great videos.

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